Thursday, September 27, 2007

Coffee House redesign!

Thanks to [insert chosen deity here], the Spectator Coffee House blog has had a makeover. The very best thing about is that they're moved that irritating expanding flash advert for Mercedes to the top of the pager instead of along the side.

This may not bother some people, but that ad, and this happens at Ben brogan's too, really does not behave well in Firefox for Linux. Whilst it doesn't expand, the space in which it expanded into has a layered white space anyway. This meant that I couldn't read some of the text in posts without loading a different browser.

It's the little things that please geeks like me. Having said this, should you decides to buy the 2007 Guide to Political Blogging you will find an article in there by me that praises the Coffee House blog and suggests that it has the potential to become as big a hit online as Salon and The Corner have no become in the US.


Matthew said...

Just use Adblockplus plugin for Firefox.

dizzy said...

Can't be arsed! I like popups!