Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To the victor the spoils?

So now that Gordon Brown has finally taken over the questions that everyone has been wondering is who will be getting new jobs, who will be promoted, and who will discover they're on the "shit list". One of the people I've been wondering about is Tom Watson, a key element in the alleged failed coup against Blair that was part of the catalyst that led to today's events.

Will he find himself with a promotion back into a junior ministerial role? Apparently he'll be running the by-election campaign in Ealing Southall - which theoretically Labour should easily win, but will of course be billed as a "test for [insert Party leader name here]. Is this the beginning of his long slow walk to internal party rehabilitation?


broon disaster said...

Will toxic tom be de-contaminated?

PS Brown seems to be having some kind of nervous breakdown judging by his calamitous entrance into No. 10.

Chris Paul said...

Tom will get back to the same place on the rung, or a 2nd or 3rd string whip.