Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Operation Gobble's resurrection?

Should anyone want to listen to Brown sounding like he's having a nervous breakdown then Tory Radio has kindly made it available here. Unfortunately I am busy coding today so wasn't able to watch him deliver this speech, but the sound of his voice is rather worrying.

I expect later on today that Alistair Darling will be confirmed as Chancellor (although I could of course be wrong). Tomorrow, if the rumours are true we will have another defection, and I imagine, given his reference to reaching out beyond party boundaries he is going to try and bribed some other politicians with the levers of power.

Some may recall, in the early Blair Years, "Operation Gobble". This was the strategy whereby Campbell and Mandelson wooed Tory grandees and tempted them with quasi-Goevrnment positions with the hope that it would further marginalise and push the Tory Party under Hague to the Right.

I'm starting to think that Operation Gobble is back in a new name. For all the talk of reaching out, it's clear that divide and rule is the most likely strategy from the man who so many have called a control freak.


stuttering start said...

It's not easy listening is it Dizzy; What is wrong with him?

Anonymous said...

Dizzy you are a man in the know is it true that Broon doesn't have a driving licence?

dizzy said...

"Dizzy you are a man in the know"

You're avin' a laugh mate!

"is it true that Broon doesn't have a driving licence?"

So I read somewhere.

Paul Linford said...

Anonymous 4.18pm

Ever tried getting a driving licence when you're blind in one eye?

haddock said...

you can get a licence with one eye;

When applying for your driving licence from the DVLA you should let them know if you have:

* any visual condition which affects both eyes (not including short or long sight or colour blindness)
* any visual condition which affects your sight, (not including short or long sight or colour blindness), for example, if you have sight in one eye only.
Any less than one is frowned upon though.

flashgordonnz said...

Ever tried being PM when you're blind in the other eye, too?

Anonymous said...

what the fuck? You can get a driving license with one eye? What about depth perception? That's insane!!

S Penketh said...

Dear Paul Linford

my grandad is almost 80 had an eye blown outin Korea and still drives (legally of course)

Chris Paul said...

It's true my mate Simon has a glass eye (after a youthful injury ... in a car crash) and he drives better than his maniac wife Doreen who has two good uns.

On the Brown speech. It was kinda cool to have a Pm go up to a mic and tap it to make sure it was on. And the audio quality may have something to do with a howling wind and traffic and demonstrator noise from the end of the road.

They'll have had some issues getting any sort of clarity in the recording.

Little Black Sambo said...

Can you be arrested for picking your nose while driving?