Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Brown's cronies named

Gordon Brown has finally appeared on the Electoral Commission website as a regulated donnee. The coffers are looking good for his leadership fight where there isn't a fight. The total donations are, to date, £101,700.

Paul Myners, ex-M&S chairman, and someone who has been commissioned by Brown in the past to do work for him has donated just shy of £10,000. The life peer, and Treasury advisor, Lord Leitch chucked him five grand. Caparo Industries Plc gave £25,000. The Chairman of Caparo is Labour Peer, Lord Paul, a Brown financial backer since before 1997.

He also received another £2,000 from John Miskelly, who - according to the profile on the Treasury website in an announcement about his position on some panel - is Chairman of JM Management Services Ltd and Director of Blueprint Group Ltd (consultancy *ching ching*) and member of the Islington South and Finsbury Labour Party.

The others on the list can be seen on ePolitix. Who wants to make a bet that the donors will find themselves being part of a Government of "all the talents"?

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