Friday, January 21, 2011

The Worldly Experience of the "actual" Cabinet

By popular demand, or more accurately, after a few comments in the previous post, here is the worldly experience of the actual Cabinet before being politicians (update: by that I mean before they got into politics properly, unless, as in some cases, thy've done nothing else).

Note: I have not included the gaps for people like Francis Maude who left Parliament and then came back.
  • David Cameron - SpAd then Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications (7 years)
  • Nick Clegg - Foreign Correspondent, lobbyist
  • William Hague - Management consultant McKinsey & Company
  • George Osborne - CCHQ Wonk/SpAd
  • Danny Alexander - Press officer (politics) and then Head of Communications for the Cairngorms National Park.
  • Ken Clarke - Barrister QC
  • Theresa May - Bank of England, financial consultant
  • Liam Fox - GP, Civilian Army Medical Officer and Divisional Surgeon with St John Ambulance
  • Vince Cable - Economics lecturer, Chief Economist, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Iain Duncan-Smith - British Army Officer, Scots Guard
  • Chris Huhne - Economic journalist, City entrepreneur, MD of Fitch IBCA
  • Andrew Lansley - Civil Servant
  • Michael Gove - Journalist
  • Eric Pickles - Apparently a career politico.
  • Philip Hammond - Director of Speywood Medical Limited, Castlemead Ltd, Castelmead Home. Consulltant World Bank.
  • Caroline Spelman - National Union Farmers, lobbyist
  • Andrew Mitchell - UN Peacekeeper, British Army Royal Tank Regiment, Investment Bank Lazard, Senior Strategy Advisor for Accenture
  • Jeremy Hunt - English language teacher in Japan, IT PR company, Profile PR
  • Owen Paterson - Sales Director and Managing Director of British Leather Company, Director of Parsons and Sons (leather company)
  • Michael Moore - Accountant
  • Cheryl Gillan - Marketing consultant, Ernst & Young, marketing director with Kidsons Impey
  • Baroness Warsi - Lawyer
  • Lord Strathclyde - Hereditary Peer
  • George Young - Economic adviser to Post Office Corporation
  • Francis Maude - Criminal lawyer
  • Dominic Grieve QC - Barrister
  • Patrick McLoughlin - farmer, coal miner
Quite a difference there I'd say. It would be difficult to call them "a bunch of weirdos who’ve never had a proper job in their lives" anyway - well maybe not the weirdo bit!

Source: Wikipedia

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