Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It could've been worse Mr Gove

Wow! Excitement here and here because Michael Gove said this,
"In Hull, Liberal Democrat-controlled Hull, any student in receipt of EMA also gets a travel grant to cope with the full cost... [interruptions]...

Well, they won't if a Labour council takes power, I suspect. But if they're wise enough to vote Liberal Democrat at the next local elections in Hull.... [laughter, hoots and a pause as he realises what he said]...

Or for the Conservatives in any seat where we are well-placed to defeat Labour, then they will have a council that is fulfilling its statutory duty".
Personally, I just thought it was an amusing gaffe when i watched it with limited actual significance, but I'm not a BBC journalist so what do I know!

It could have been worse I guess. He could've said something really stupid like he saved the world!

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