Friday, December 31, 2010

Some predictions......

Morning all, seeing as the New Year is upon it is now the moment for that time honoured tradition of predictions for the year to come and a look back at the abject failure of the predictions I made last year. Now, as luck would have I had a 100% hit rate last year as I didn't actually make any predictions, so go me! So let's see if I can repeat that success this year.
  1. The Coalition will fall and a minority Tory Administration will stumble on for a while. I don't know why I think this, but I just have a feeling that a set of events will lead to the end of the Coalition. A handful of resignations on the one hand, and some Tory rebels on the other.
  2. A male member of Parliament will tell everyone that they want to be called Loretta and start coming to the House dressed in drag causing much merriment at first for all involved.
  3. We'll still be in Afghanistan by the end of the year.
  4. Three famous people will die suddenly and in quick succession and everyone will be muttering knowingly that "everything comes in threes".
  5. Kauto Star will win the rescheduled King George VI Chase and seal his place in horse racing folklore - AP McCoy will be happy to having been the jockey.
  6. Liverpool FC will not be relegated but it will be a really close call. Evertonians will continue to offer counselling advise on dealing with mediocrity after greatness.
  7. England will struggle to qualify for the European Championships with everyone blaming the manager and no one blaming the players.
  8. There will be guilty verdicts in the cases of certain expense dodging MPs but the sentences will be lenient causing outrages about double standards.
OK, that's your lot, back in a few days.

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