Thursday, December 09, 2010

Radio Caroline: A thought?

Have just spotted the following Early Day Motion (one signature only).
That this House expresses its disappointment that, having pioneered commercial radio in the UK and for the past decade being a fully licensed broadcaster, Radio Caroline, a cornerstone of British radio history, has been denied by Ofcom the opportunity to secure a medium wave frequency from which to broadcast; regrets that as a result its devoted listeners are confined to listening to Radio Caronline via the internet and unable to enjoy its musical offerings in transit; and calls on Ofcom to exhaust all avenues in making the provisions available for Radio Caroline to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014 by broadcasting on a medium wave frequency which, it appears, is unwanted by both BBC and commercial operators as a broadcast platform.
Now, wouldn't it just be quicker, and easier, for the original pirate radio station to be a pirate radio station again and just broadcast at will? They're still off-shore after all.

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