Tuesday, December 14, 2010

London school hires out hall for funerals?

The cuts are certainly kicking in education it seems, so much so that at least one school is allegedly hiring out its hall at the weekend for funerals.

Apparently, according to one concerned parent, Cannon's High School, in Edgware, has had funerals being held on its property on two occasions, body, open-coffin and all.

Ordinarily, you might not think this is a problem per se, but the "events" have been allegedly held at the same time as extra-curricular Sunday teaching at the school. This has meant some kids have witnessed the coffin, people in black and all that goes with funerals. Not an image that many parents may want their kids witnessing you'd think.

I wonder how much the going rate is for a wedding or a bar mitzvah?

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