Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberal Conspiracy reported to the Charity Commission?

On Tuesday, I posted about the rather amusing lack of success that Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy and the anti-cuts campaign, "False Economy" had in trying to get a political song to the Christmas number one. Putting that aside though, it appears that the story does not end there.

It's come to my attention, that the details of the Liberal Conspiracy post, and in particular the part quote below, has resulted in a formal complaint/letter being sent to the Charity Commission alleging a possible breach of charity law.
All proceeds from the sale of “Liar Liar” will go to charities helping victims of the cuts. Assuming a 79p sale price, Crisis (23p each time), Disability Alliance (23p), our campaign site False Economy (16.5p) and Women’s Health Matters (16.5p) will benefit.*
The complainant has noted that "False Economy" is not a registered charity, and given its overtly political purpose is very unlikely to ever pass the test of being considered charitable.

So, by claiming that the recording is being sold exclusively for charity, while admitting to skimming off one-fifth of the purchase price for a political organisation with non-charitable status and objectives, it is contended that Liberal Conspiracy (and potentially False Economy too) are in breach of Charity law.

Fun, fun, fun huh? Will be interesting to see what if anything comes of it.

* At the time of the original post I noted the absurd and idiotic idea that 100% of a sale price on iTunes goes to the artist anyway.

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