Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Gary McKinnon solution?

One of the latest disclosure by Wikileaks that is doing the round today is the news that Gordon Brown personally appealed to the US Ambassador to resolve the Gary McKinnon case and allow him to face justice in the UK. By all account the US gave him a flat refusal.

The conspiracy theorists are suggesting it seems that this appeal by Brown took place around the same time as Scotland were pissing off the yanks by letting the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al Megrahi free because he only had a few months to live (still alive I think). In other words, the yanks took the "fuck you" approach as payback.

Now, whether that is true or not is irrelevant really, but may I offer a suggestion to the Home Sceretary and the Coalition on how to deal with this extradition issue? Why not take the US approach and just say errrrr.... "no you can't have him, bugger off"?

Of course, there will be some who wring their hands and say "we can't do that, we signed a treaty" but may I remind them that treaties are not documents that exist forever, they can be broken, and, let's be honest, what do we think the US is going to do if we did flip them the proverbial bird?

Seriously, are they going to get Delta Force to perform a covert extraction operation to get McKinnon in jail? Are they going to send some CIA spooks on a "hood him and squirrel him out of the country" type op? It's highly unlikely I'd say, especially if we banged the guy up instead anyway.

Naturally, if you buy the conspiracy theories, and you're one of those people convinced that the US is evil, then you'll probably think it's probable, I imagine the sane though, who don't think Spooks is a documentary series would not.

All we've got to do is grow some balls and say no.

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