Monday, November 29, 2010

Today the "Bleeding Obvious" dominates the headlines

What a strange Monday morning. Normally, I would think I would be shouting for joy and the wonderful transparency that Wikileaks brings, yet this morning I can't help but thinking that this time it could eventually turn out to be pretty irresponsible.

Having said this, the current headlines are making a meal out of very little that we so far know. The knowledge that Saudi and Jordan rather fancied the idea of the US bombing Iran's nuclear facilities was guaranteed to get people talking, but honestly, should we really be surprised and is it really a big deal?

The idea that two gulf states don't particularly like the idea that another state in the region might have nuclear weapons is hardly rocket science now is it?

Then of course we have news that Hillary Clinton ordered a spying operation on UN diplomats. Naturally this will cause some consternation amongst some people, but again, is it a really a big deal to learn that states have done what states do? Probably not.

No doubt more will come out over the coming days. The bigger worry is how on earth the alleged "single source" could get their hands on so many documents, no?

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