Monday, November 29, 2010

Students target Topshop

Apparently, students have now decided to target TopShop. Dressed as prisoners in a chain gang (they're "enslaved to debt" you see, ain't they clever?), are protesting at Topshop in Oxford Street.

The organisers have put out a press release, embargoed until 13:30 - ooops did I break it? - which basically bangs on about the things like the "marketisation of higher education". Oh yes, they also don;t like Philip Green because he earns lots of money, but his wife, who lives in Monaco holds much of the business empire so his tax bill is low.

Apparently, this latest round of radical stduents,
contend that the government proposals for our education system are ideological and seek the privatisation and commodification of education.
Notice the way they're using "ideology" as a pejorative? I wonder if they realise their own position on the edumacasional system is ideological too? After all, the concept of commodification is one born of Marx and later ideas about s-called semiotics.

Some extra-special self-awareness going on there for sure.

Updated: As pointed out in the comment. Will they continue this offer once they find their shops targeted and/or trashed?

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