Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Liberal Conspiracy rejects the rule of law?

I'm becoming increasingly bemused by Sunny Hundal, the Editor of Liberal Conspiracy. Sunny and I have spoken via email and in blog comments before, having debates, argument and so on, and whilst I've often thought he was wrong, I've never thought he was one to excuse violent protest or actively support people trying to break the law, that was until last week.

Last week, I posted a quote from Sunny where he dismissed the violent conduct of hundreds of student protesters as "silliness" and suggested those that thought chucking a fire extinguisher off a six story building into a crowd was a bit much were "wusses". I put his attitude down to silliness on his part at the time.

However, this morning, Liberal Conspiracy has posted an article titled Police take down FitWatch site; bloggers angry. This refers to a a group who monitor the Police at protests with what appears to be the default starting assumption that all coppers are brutal bastards.

Anyhow, the Police have apparently had this site taken down for "attempting to pervert course of justice". Outrageous? Errr no. Not if you look at the Google cache here and see why. Sunny notes, oddly,
it’s rather worrying the Police took down that post without any explanation, without warning and without a court order.
Is it? really? Did Sunny not read it?

The post in question is a detailed advice list for protesters involved in violence at Millbank on how to destroy evidence. It's hardly rocket science as to why it the Police requested it to be taken down is it?

Surely what is more worrying here is the stance Liberal Conspiracy appears to be taking on violent protests and the rule of law. No?

More at the Guardian.

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