Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Lawyers still get their Vol-Au-Vents

Good to see that some Labour MPs are taking Opposition seriously in order to probe the Government and look for a story. Ian Austin, the MP for Dudley North, has been busy trying to establish how much Government departments are pissing up the wall on vol-au-vents and champagne reception int he new "age of austerity".

Of course, should he find anything his angle would be slightly different to mine. I imagine he would take the view that the evil baby-eating Tories were quaffing it up whilst the put the poor on the breadlines. I on the other hand would be outraged that they were quaffing it up in general with my money irrespective of whether we were in good times or bad.

I might also point out the Vol Au Vent League Table 2006-07 just to illustrate that the previous Government excelled themselves at hospitality on the taxpayer, but that is besides the point.

What Ian Austin has found out is that in the two months leading to the CSR (September and October), which was a prime time for department to have one last splash of the cash as it, pretty much no one actually bothered (a good thing).

Well no one apart from Ken Clarke at the Ministry of Justice, who spent £13,176 on opening the "legal year breakfast", the annual jolly where the lawyers get together for another year of making money from others misery.

In the age of austerity the lawyers are still the only winners huh?

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