Thursday, November 04, 2010

I saw Saw 3D

Last night I went to my first Orange Wednesday and watched Saw 3D. It was also my first proper 3D film with the "dark glasses" technology, although I did once see some Michael Jackson short at EuroDisney back in the 1990s that used the same technique.

Anyhow, I have but one question. What's the bloody point in it? There are scenes that are so obviously created just for the 3D "magic" whilst the rest of the film isn't. Think blood splattering out, weapons of death flying out of the screen etc, but other than than that the rest of it is basically 2D.

Don't get me wrong, when it's done well I imagine it's great, but frankly the best bit of 3D was the bit before the film where they told us to put our glasses on and effective "showcased" the technology. That was real "wow" factor stuff, same the film wasn't.

Oh, I;m sorry, you want to know about the film? Standard fare really. Starts with random unconnected trap with excessively graphic gore. Moves onto where Saw VI left off, people get trapped, people die horribly, you wait for the twist and unlike the early days you go "oh yeah, like I didn't see the coming".

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