Friday, November 19, 2010

Greg Mulholland: 2010 Parliamentary Grinch

Greg Mulholland: That this House condemns the move by a number of major supermarket chains to slash their prices for alcohol over the festive period; notes that this is yet another example of irresponsible behaviour by large supermarket chains with regard to the sale of alcohol; is outraged at the fact that pubs across the country have stopped irresponsible promotions whilst supermarkets continue to behave in such a manner; further notes the appalling example of a large supermarket chain selling two 70cl bottles of brand spirits for 20, resulting in a per unit cost of 37.5p, an unacceptably low amount; further notes the damage that is being done to the pub industry by large supermarkets which are able to sell alcohol at a loss; and calls on the Government to introduce stricter rules governing the below-cost sale of alcohol and for it to do all it can over the festive period to support the pub industry, which is being undercut by large supermarket chains which can afford to sell alcohol below cost.
Can i just say thanks for the tip on what offers are available *hic*!

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