Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The sign of things to come

Oh my those poor left wing types across the House and wider world are really out of touch with reality today aren't they? I am of course talking about the rabid opposition to a cap on housing benefit which, if the Today programme is to believed, may actually be reviewed by Iain Duncan-Smith, which would of course be a terrible mistake.

In simple terms, the opposition from Labour, and epitomised by the absurd posturing of Shadow Justice minister Chris Bryant, is that by capping the amount of housing benefit someone can get in line with the average income will "sociologically cleanse" cities where poor people live in expensive areas on the social.

The implication here of course is that the Coalition - no doubt in a secret meeting with funny handshakes where they drink the blood of poverty stricken virgins - are actively seeking to push the poor into pre-Victorian slums in order to protect their upper-class rich friends from having to live next door to chavs.

Yessiree, it's social engineering goddamit!

Now, putting aside for a moment the obvious hilarity of someone from the Labour Party complaining about policy on the grounds of social engineering, it really is coming to something when they cannot see that the vast majority of us, the great unwashed as it were, consider it slightly perverse that someone can be out of work and living on benefits in a mansion in Kensington or Chelsea, whilst they have no likelihood of such opulence unless they win the Euromillion lottery.

Of course, Chris Bryant didn't just leave it there, you see, not only is the policy evidence of that the baby-eating bastards in power want to eat your babies, but also by pushing people to the outer-limits of the city, for example, London, they will be, "disfranchised". Yes, didn't you realise that they're also going to lose the vote as well? No, wait, sorry, that was that little thing called hyperbole again.

What Chris Bryant actually means I think is that if someone on benefits has to move into the cheaper outer-limits of somewhere like London it means they'll be moving into Tory supporting areas and therefore will no longer be in Labour strongholds.

NOTE: At this point please ignore the fact that if such vast numbers of (assumed) Labour voters moved into a Tory area it might just change that area because it doesn't suit the argument that tries to compare a policy to the ethnic cleansing.

So anyway, there we have it, the first signs of how things to come will be. The Government are evil and intend to quite literally rape, eat, pillage and possibly bugger every man, woman and child that isn't a millionaire for good measure; whilst the Opposition are on the side of angels.

Politics is such fun!

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