Monday, October 25, 2010

Racial profiling... an observation

Racial profiling, now there's a subject that get the blood boiling amongst right on liberal left to be sure. It's a terrible thing after all to make assumptions about someone based on their race, ergo skin colour, and then act accordingly against this assumptions, why it's racism isn't it to do such things even if you are trying to deal, for example with Islamist terrorism. Just because person X has a beard doesn't mean that they're going to blow themselves up.

This is the conventional orthodox wisdom in much of the West and certainly the UK I think, and you challenge it at your peril. So, you may be, right now,thinking 'careful Dizzy, you don't want to upset the apple cart here' but do not worry, I'm not going to, I just want to throw an observation from my recent trip to Egypt out to illustrate something. You see, hotels in Sharm El Sheikh tend to have security guards at the door and metal detectors.

Who goes through the metal detectors? Well that would be anyone that looks the slightest bit Arabic. If you have white skin and speak English (or Russian) then you don't have to go through them. On the very odd occassion that you might have to because there is no other way into a building then don't worry if you don't have to woprry too much if you beep, you only get checked if you, yes, you've guessed, looka bit Arabic.

Is anyone up in arms about this? Of course not. Funny old world init?

P.S. Yes, I'm back, has anything interesting been happening apart from the obvious wailing about how everyone without a job or on benefits is going to die of starvation very soon because of the evil ConDem Government?

P.P.S. No, I did not get a bad belly.

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