Thursday, October 28, 2010

Call for Cameron to apologise for misleading the House?

Yesterday, during PMQs, David Cameron, responding to Kate Hoey on the matter of the EU Budget said,
we would be assisted if Labour MEPs did not keep voting for higher budgets, which is exactly what they did this week.
However, the Labour MEP, Mary Honeyball, says they didn't and actually voted against the budget.

we voted against the budget in Strasbourg last week. Since Labour MEPs are utterly responsible we took the view that while many member states, including the UK, are facing financial difficulties, the EU should also rein in its spending.

I, and no doubt my Labour MEP colleagues, look forward to an apology from the Prime Minister.
I have to say, I think she might have a point that an apology should be forthcoming if what she says is true.

Then again, might it be that they voted in favour of a different budget that was lower but still in fact higher? Anyone know the details?

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