Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Red" Ed's speech: Time for some 'Kremlinology'

If you're a politician, and leader no less, then you know that the words "this is going to be the speech of his life" will be said or written about you, although not many get that said about them two days into the job. Thus it was for "Red" Ed Miliband, but yet, I find myself wondering, what exactly is the guy's USP?

Is it too carry on the tradition of the previous leader by managing to wear suits that look as if they were measured again and made for someone else? Is it to out-slaphead the guy (now Foreign Secretary) that took over as leader of the Tories when they got kicked out of office in 1997? Question, question, questions!

Seriously though, today is the big one it seems for the commentariat. They're currently pouring over the speculations (read "pre-spinning") of what the n00b will say. The truth is, I imagine, that he will say very little because he doesn't really have to. In fact, he could come on stage and do a wet fart and the crowd would probably cheer him on.

The general thought and cliche is that he will "turn the page" on New Labour and essentially trash the record of his predecessor[s] to some extent. How long therefore will it take someone clever enough in the newspapers to note that the "Labour Party Conference 2010" should be renamed the "20th Congress of the Communist Party 1956"?

We had the insurgent revolutionary Blair (Lenin), followed by the Machiavellian calculating control freak Brown (Stalin) and now we've got the young Miliband who's going to denounce the other two. The comparison with Khrushchev at the 20th Congress in February 1956 is hardly rocket science now is it?

Now all he has to do is be weak, come up with policies that don't really work, whilst behind closed doors the whispering begins and people start maneuvering themselves for a Breschnevian takeover, then Ed can go and retire quietly in a flat in Priomrose Hill.

Now won't that be fun to watch?

Note: If some clever person would like to mash up Khrushchev and Miliband it would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks to "Angry Exile" for the mash-up of Edkita Milischev!

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