Friday, September 24, 2010

LBC should show Livingstone the door

So Ken Livingstone has been selected as the Labour candidate to face off against Boris Johnson... again. Round II as it were. However, here is the incredible thing. Until the campaign "officially" starts, Ken Livingstone will not have to give up his weekly Saturday morning LBC Radio show where he gets to pontificate to the whole of London.

Let me blunt and anglo-saxon. How fucked up is that?

Could you imagine if, the next Labour Party leader had a weekly current affairs talk show on BBC 1 talking to the entire nation? It wouldn't fly would it? Yet here we have the person that is the official candidate for the party of HM Opposition to be the CEO of London and he gets free airtime across the whole of London every week?

LBC should do the decent thing and politely show him the door.

Update: Comments have noted the "what about" issue of Boris Johnson having a weekly 50 word Telegraph columns in the "Opinion" section as justification. To this I would say that newspapers are not bound by the same rules as broadcasters when it comes to impartiality, and the Telegraph's circulation/readership nationally is probably not comparable in voter influence as a broadcast targetted at your electorate is.

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