Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ambassador you're really spooling us

Anyone remember this little advert?

Well, the pun-obsessed wannabe hacks at the Home Office clearly do after posting on their Twitter feed,
Poor joke huh? However, you can imagine the knee-jerk reaction that it caused can't you? MigrantWatch naturally, got upset,

Meanwhile, the usual crowers at Liberal Conspiracy went further calling it a "sick joke".

Reality Check people, it's not a joke mocking immigrants, although I understand politically speaking why it's very easy to wail with outrage that it's terrible borderline racism.

The reality is it's a crap joke mocking the situational aspect of the stowaways discovery, that is based on an equally crap advert from the 1980s that suggested to the us proles that a £3 box of chocolates from the local Co-op were a mark of high society, presumably accompanied by a £4 litre bottle of Hock or Liebfraumilch.

As for it being a sick joke, it doesn't really pass the Sickipedia grade now does it?

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