Friday, July 02, 2010

Jealously will get you everywhere....

As we all know, MPs have found themselves under the spotlight somewhat over the past year because so many of them, shall we say, "took the piss" on what they should and should not have been taking from the taxpayer to fund their lifestyles.

Now, it was noted yesterday that my cynicism level was exceptionally low in relation to the "Your Freedom" website from the Coalition, so, in light of this, I offer a heightened level of cynicism this morning with news that MPs are clearly about to get jealous about how much the "lesser" staff of the House of Commons get paid.

Back on June 24th, Andrew Selous MP asked the House of Commons Commission how many staff were earning more than "honourable members" salary of £65,738. Apparently the answer is 83, most of which work in Department of Chamber and Committees Services, and I;m presuming in IT.

Methinks the MPs are getting jealous that the lesser being proles of the Parliament may get more money than them.

Yay for envy politics!

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