Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dammit, who'd have thought it....

In the last post I mentioned the rather fallacious arguments that the meeja were to blame for Raul Moat because of the way they covered Derrick Bird, but it seems there is an even more stupid argument being peddled by none other than the Labour blogger snowflake5 who, bless'em, puts a pretty picture of a snowflake after each post. Apparently,
all sorts of lunatics are going on gun rampages - first Derrick Bird, now Raoul Moat. You have to go back to John Major's government and Dunblane (and Huntingdon under Thatcher) for the last episodes. And it's only been just over two months since they were in power.

Crime always rises under Tory governments, it rose steadily from 1979 to 1997, and looks like rising again. It's a combination of Tories cutting back on the police while at the same time causing stress in the population at large, which always tips those at the edge into violence.
That's even more speshul than the last lot, especailly the reference to Huntingdon rather than Hungerford but what's 130 miles between friends huh?

Yes it's so self-evidently true, Derrick Bird wasn't bitter about some family feud over inheritance causing him to flip, nor was Raul Moat a nutter with a fetish for extreme violence, oh no! It was because the Tories caused them stress tipping them over the edge into violence!

Hat Tip: DevonChap

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