Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to 1974

It's typical really that I would be out walking the dogs when Gordon Brown announces his resignation, and it's typical that instead of cheering as I ought to be, I found myself saying "you cynical opportunistic bastard!". I said it on Twitter yesterday but let's be clear and frank in more than 140 characters. If the Lib Dems get into bed with Labour, Nick Clegg's credibility is completely, and utterly shot to pieces.

On Friday I had much kudos for Clegg sticking to his promise that the party with the most votes and most seats should be the one that seeks to govern. If Clegg takes the Lib Dems down the route of jumping in with a Labour Party that promise is destroyed, and, crucially, we will have, yet again, a Prime Minister that has not received the support of the country in anyway.

The "Prime Ministerial Debates", as fun as they were, become utterly worthless if you can engage in them, lose at the ballot box, and then just step down, let someone else take over, and carry on in charge.

As for this line that seems to be being taken by Labour of "no one won", it may, in the strictest sense being correct that there was no absolute majority winner, but the fact is Labour are not the popular single party and got kicked in the arse. Yet the public are forced to see the likes of Ben Bradshaw smugly spitting in their faces.

Hilariously, the talk now from Brown and Labour is that there could be a six party coalition/pact and it's being touted as a "stable" solution. It's not yet clear if the supply of crack will last long enough whilst they continue pushing these lines of course.

The bottom line now is that ideology and policy has been ditched in the naked and desperate pursuit of clinging on to the power to control us. As Tom Harris MP says,
The word “progressive” has now been redefined as "willing to barter away everything you campaigned for in return for the chance to be in government, albeit at the beck and call of a party that has spent its entire existence trying to wipe you off the political map".
The Kaiser Chiefs could not have said it better than when they said "I predict a riot". A coalition of two can work, a coalition of six is just not credible nor will it last long enough to sort out the mess before another election.

Here's another thing to consider, if, and it remains an if currently, the Lib Dems walk away from the Tory-Lib coalition, there will be an election within 12 months and the Lib Dems will be completely destroyed at the polls because of the way they've handled their position.

Welcome to 1974.

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