Friday, May 07, 2010

Statement of Intent... and other things

So that's it then, as it stands it looks very likely to be the first Hung Parliament in over 30 years. The Tories have won seats they didn't expect too and lost ones they expected to win. Meanwhile Ed Balls must adore UKIP who saved him from defeat.

Of course it's not over yet. Nigel Farage is in hospital and his count hasn't started yet, and other counts will begin shortly, but it seems likely that the Tories will be the largest party with also the largest popular vote. This presents Clegg with a dilemma.

Clegg was very careful to not define whether a mandate for him was most votes or most seats, if the Tories have both he's either got to go with them or break his word and prove he's not 'something different' at all. Interesting times.

Cleggmania died a horrible death tonight too and it looks like the exit polls may have overstated the Lib Dem support as well.

This post however is a statement of intent as the title suggests. Basically it works like this. I don't care who wins, the Government will remain in charge and I will carry on as before. Time to go to bed shortly, blogging will also take a pause for a few days.

Apologies for any typos, am tired and using my phone for this post.

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