Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Once more unto the breach....

Morning all, some of you may have been wondering where I've been, and others may not have cared less and said "Thank God he;s not blogging he does my head in!". Well it's been a Bank Holiday weekend right, so decided to take a break with the better half and pop over to Calais for the six monthly booze cruise and boost the French economy.

Some interesting things to note from the weekend that might be of interest and possibly make you weep with laughter (although you my have had to be there). Firstly was the unfortunate moment when I kept talking loudly in restaurant about someone I knew with disparaging terms upon their mental capacity not realising that behind me was someone who had obvious issues with their mental capacity - a genuine "I'll get my coat" moment.

Also, driving an SUV loaded up with lots of boxes of wine through the UK border control and Customs on the same weekend that someone fills an SUV up with make shift explosives in boxes and then dumps it in Times Square, New York, leads to you looking a little bit suspicious. To the female customs officer who stopped me last night, I really do own my car, I really did buy it last year, and honestly, I really did travel onwards to where I said I was going too.

To all the French school children on the return journey who had clearly never been on a ferry before, the sea is big blue and wobbly OK? You can figure that out by looking at it without even getting on a boat. You do not have scream every time you hit a wave or the boat rocks a little bit. Some of us are trying to sleep you know.

Right, now I've got that off my chest, someone in the previous thread asked if, when I was going to be away, if I could possibly do open threads. I'm quite happy to do them, the only problem is moderation is on so I need someone to moderate for me. My main man Croydonian does step in sometimes, but he is not always available, so I guess what I'm saying is "Apply Within" - the role does not pay anything but it does mean you can feel like God and edit people's comments.

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