Thursday, May 06, 2010

The fun begins tonight......

Well today's the day. If you'll excuse the cynicism in my earlier post, tonight is going to be great fun. From midnight, I will be helping out Iain Dale and Gaby Hinsliff out along with other bloggers, pollsters and party insiders, in the LBC radio station.

You might also see me mooching around at the Messagespace Election Night Party which you can buy tickets for here.

Remember, that tonight is all about fun, and, if you're at a count, or you have any gossip about what might be going on, even if it's just that you've spotted your sitting MP looking very glum, then let me know over Twitter or email.

Note: LBC is available on 97.3 FM, DAB and Sky Channel 0124. You can also call the studio on 0845 6060973, email via, send Tweets to @lbc973 or text on 84850. As I say, you can also contact me directly as well with gossip, I don't get upset by rude words either.

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