Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The burning question.....

So now that Labour is in Opposition there remains one burning question. No, it's not who will be the next Labour leader, it's much more important than that. It's who will be the Left's Guido Fawkes? Will they even want one?

It might be "all-change" in Government, but the weirdo interweb nerds are having a pendulum moment too, so are we going to see the rise of the Left blogosphere and an onslaught of attacks?

Will it be Political Scrapbook? Will the throughly pious Sunny Hundal use the vehicle of Liberal Conspiracy (a site that misuses the word "Liberal" incidentally) to go on the attack against the baby-eating Tories and the traitorous Lib Dems? Or will the son of the former Justice Secretray in the form of Will Straw suddenly turn into a gossipy tabloid hack determined to kill the evil Right?

We need to know the answer and we need to know it soon, teh interwebs cannot be left hanging!

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