Friday, April 09, 2010

So You Want to be A Politician?

Just in time for the election, there is a new book out called "So You Want to be A Politician?" which has been edited by "TV's Shane Greer". One of the chapter has been written by yours truly, and is all about how to deal with bloggers and not make a tit of yourself.

Ironically one of the golden rules is also how not to make a twat of yourself on Twitter, which I guess a certain Labour PCC called Stuart MacLennan would probably nod at profusely if he read it. Anyhow, here's the general blurb for the book,
This accessible, practical guide offers common sense advice for almost any scenario, covering the basics, such as personal presentation, how to dress and how to present yourself on television and radio, to fundraising, polling, making the best use of modern media and handling difficult situations (without making a fool of yourself).

Featuring contributions and advice from some of the leading names in contemporary British campaigning, How to Be A Politician is an essential resource that some of today's serving politicians could make good use of.
You can buy it on Amazon and make me a few pennies towards an Amazon voucher in the process... if you really want too (you know you do! <- subtle hint to family).

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