Saturday, April 24, 2010

Six reasons.....

Six Reasons Against a Hung Parliament
  1. Policy will end up being a negotiated stitch-up by the political class in back rooms and corridors. Power will be the key at the expense of principle.
  2. There will inevitably be another election within 12 months. That means more debates, more spin, more media saturation. If you're already annoyed with the amount of politics in the papers and on TV a Hung Parliament will get you even more.
  3. As everything will have to be negotiated there will be time delays leading to uncertainty. The markets will not like it and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lying or on crack.
  4. As there will be another election the politicians will try to do things for tactical electoral advantage. Party politics in search of power will be put before doing what is right.
  5. It's likely that full-scale change to the voting system will be on the agenda if the Lib Dems perform well in the popular vote. Get a Hung Parliament now and you may have them forever to come meaning complete loonies - that is more loony than the current crop - will start to get representatives in the Commons.
  6. If you think politicians bicker already, just imagine it amplified by an order of magnitude.
Six Reasons For a Hung Parliament

  1. The House of Commons will be more representative of the country as a whole.
  2. A more representative Commons will lead to better debate, better scrutiny and inevitably better laws.
  3. More debate and more argument will slow down the pace of Government and consequentially the scope of the state.
  4. House of Lords reform would be on the agenda which could lead to a more congressional-style Parliament with better legislative scrutiny.
  5. The Executive would be curtailed from rail-roading legislation into statute. Essenitally better checks and balances
  6. Ideological dogma would be replaced by a need to seek consensus.
The argument against are realistic, the arguments for are largely abstract. Ultimately it's down to us.

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