Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obituary: The Devils Kitchen

I've just read about my mate Chris Mounsey and the death of the Devil's Kitchen. Chris it seems went on the Daily Politics as a guest in his capacity as leader of the Libertarian Party, and found himself skewered over things he has written as the Devil, which has resulted in him pretty much taking down his entire blog and starting again.

That "The Devil" or "DK" said nasty things about people seems like common sense to me, he was the Devil for Christ sake! (I love getting biblical!). Yes Chris, when posting as his alter-ego called people "cunts" quite a lot, sometimes he went further and wished nasty ends on those in politics that he felt were ruining the country and the world.

In all his posts, if you read between the lines of his swearing and anger, there was always a sound and well thought out argument underpinning his posts. Climate Change Denier, or Climate Change Believer, his posts on the subject were lengthy, well written and compelling. As he says, the blog was a "cathartic" outlet for his anger at first, and it is real shame that he should be dragged over the coals for it.

I understand though where Chris is coming from. The blur between politics and professional life for bloggers who have proper jobs they love outside of politics is a tightrope.

The Devils Kitchen is dead. Long live DK.

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