Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Class War with Top Hats returns? Is Ed balls involved?

What do we have here? A new website has appeared called Top Hat A Tory which puts top hats on to Tories - a strategy that was a roaring success in Crewe and Nantwich as everyone will remember.

But who is behind the site? Is it official or is it being done by outriders with plausible denial to the top people in the Labour party?

The registration of the domain is hidden, but according to the "About" page it's been created by some people running something called Powerpoint for Labour and the main protagnist is someone called Paul Colman.

Colman has another blog called Life in the Middle and he also owns According to his LinkedIn page he's Head of Planning for the international marketing and advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy.

Who are Weiden & Kennedy though? Well, just two months ago one of their clients was Ed Ball's Department of Children, Families and School where they produced an alochol awareness campaign.

So.... is it black and deniable class war attack site? Or just some guys who love Labour and wanted to put a serious amount of effort in creating a professional looking site?

Who knows! What we do know is that we've got four more weeks of this crap!

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