Thursday, March 11, 2010

NHS IT idiocy - continued

I know I wrote about IT and the NHS the other day, but the latest idiocy from the Department of Health is as truly staggering as the complete waste fo money that the NHS IT programme has become. The DoH is it seems about to push forward and rollout its much anticipated Summary Care Records (SCR) across England. Strategic Health Authorities are preparing their record right now it seems.

Where's the idiocy? Is that what you're thinking? Well it the DoH has spent, £723,411 on a study by University College London with the express purpose to "inform the national roll out of SCR". When was it published? Err it hasn't been. In fact it won't be published until next month after the rollout has already begun.

Is't it incredible, at a time when the national economy is well and truly shafted with debt, that the Government responsible for creating the mess would spend nearly 3/4 million pounds on a study designed to help them do something and then do the something beofre the report has even been published?

Talk about putting the cart before the horse!

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