Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lord Paul to be investigated by peers for taking the piss

This week, on Guy News, Guido featured an interview with a man who knows all about the business practices of Lord Paul, the Labour peer who is non-domiciled. It's alleged that back in 1989, Lord Paul's steel conglomerate, Caparo, took control of Armstrong Engineering and effectively plundered the pension fund by refusing to top it up thus screwing over the workforce.

Of course, you're unlikely to hear this coming from Labour sources (but you will from the Socialist Workers). Rather you'll hear lots of puffed up screaming about how Lord Ashcroft is an evil baby-eating bastard who would probably sell his own grandmother into slavery to make a few quid. Such is the glaring hypocrisy prevalent in party politics today.

However, Lord Paul is under some more pressure too, from his peers in the House of Lords it seems.This morning's Sun reports that an investigation is being launched into Paul's allowance claims of £38,000 for overnight stays in a flat he's never slept in now the Police have said he is not being charged.

Now, perhaps I'm being a little bit thick here, but why does a man who was ranked 36 in the Sunday Times Rich List with a worth of £1,500 million even think claiming taxpayers money that equates to 0.0025% of his worth is even remotely justified?

Jesus wept.

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