Monday, March 22, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sex furniture, Scientology and McDonalds

Should anyone want a good laugh there is a rather amusing posting over on the left wing blog, Political Scrapbook which details how the latest Conservative Party website, Cash Gordon is hosted on the same server as some American websites, Political Scrapbook notes,
In an embarrassment for CCHQ, the party’s flagship campaign is currently hosted alongside those attempting to ”rescue America from government-run health care”, including and Hands Off. Another site rails against homosexuals in the armed forces, stating the military “should not be used as a tool to advance the goals of gay activist groups”.
Isn't it incredible? Isn't it terrible?

Well I can add to this now and exclusively reveal that, in an embarrassment for Political Scrapbook, their website is currently hosted on the same server and alongside websites selling machines to use when having sex, furniture to use whilst having sex, and sites selling breast enlargement pills.

What's more, I can also exclusively reveal that, as a result of using Akamai Technologies, in an embarrassment to Gordon Brown, his official Downing Street website is notionally hosted alongside the official Church of Scientology News website... oh yes, and McDonalds Norway... I'm lovin' it!

Doing a spot of research? Ten minutes wasted
Taking the piss out a crap argument by some left wing blogger? Priceless!

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