Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chuckle of the Day

for the past God knows how many years, people on the Right have moaned about the BBC saying things like "the Tory thinktank Policy Exchange" whilst not referring to Demos as the "New Labour thinktank". The usual moan is its horrible BBC bias against the Right. When this happens the Left, in general, points and laughs at the silly paranoid conspiracy loons on the Right and say "the BBC ain't biased stop it!"

Oh my how things change huh? In recent weeks, especially on the Today programme, when discussing the days newspapers, we are now hearing the phrase "the Labour supporting Daily Mirror says" and we're not hearing "the Tory supporting X,Y,Z says" and guess what? Yep, we now have moaning about bias from the Left.

Made me chuckle.

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