Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Budget Blog 2010.....

Rolling bullet points will appear here during the speech....
  • Darling kicks off by saying that all the stuff the Government has done was right
  • The economy is at a "crossroads" - yay for cliches!
  • The recession started in America *yawn*
  • Notes that growth has returned to other countries. When are the next quarter GDP figures out?
  • There's going to be a 2.5bn one off growth package to help small businesses invest in key skills - but no details
  • Thus far Darling is just repeating what happened two years ago
  • The bonus tax raised £2bn
  • Says international robin hood tax on banking is needed... again
  • Says bailed out banks have cost £8bn and promises to get our money back
  • Bank accounts for all... nice rhetoric of something that exists already
  • Narrative of saying the Tories opposed everything they did continues
  • Mentions interest rates in the 1990s
  • Conflates people on dole with people who don't work
  • Possible scrappage of the retirement age.. but its an aspiration to look at it, not a guarantee to do anything
  • Doubles stamp duty limit to £250,000 from tonight for first time buyers only
  • Increase 5% on stamp duty on property over a million - redistribution - bet Tony and Cherie Blair will be pissed off
  • Quite funny that we have policies stolen from the Tories
  • Putting petrol up (1p April; 1p October and 1p Jan11). Great - but he doesn't have to drive anywhere himself at the moment. Bastard.
  • Says borrowing will be £11bn lower than the original forecast last year
  • Claims borrowing reduction is the fastest in the G7 - carefully chosen bar to measure by.
  • Hahah claims taxes on the rich have not occurred because of ideology.
  • Nothing to say on VAT or Income Tax
  • Cider tax increase of 10% above inflation
  • Inheritance Tax threshold frozen for four years? (think he said that)
  • Tobacco tax rise of 1% above inflation from tonight
  • Civil servants are going to be relocated out of London. No mention of where but it will apparently save money. Does he not know about relocation payments for staff?
  • Dartford Crossing to be sold. It was meant to pay for itself and then be free. Fat chance.
  • I'm sure I just heard him say he was deciding how much the bailed out banks were going to lend. What happened to "arms length" approach?
  • Yep, he said that RBS and Lloyds would lend £94bn to small business. Arm-length approach dead.
  • Great a new Quango that will decide whether a bank that rejects a loan application has been fair and it will be able to order it to lend the money if it decides too. Utter. Insanity.
  • OK. I'm starting to lose the will to live now.
  • Sorry guys, have missed loads because the "banks accounts for all" policy was announced in 2000 by Brown and was looking it up
  • I appear to have missed quite a lot of new spending commitments.
  • So they've signed an agreement with Belize about tax avoidance. Shameless party politics really.
  • Winter fuel payment news will please the millions of ex-pats in Spain.
  • And we're done.
So basically we have a Budget that's big changes were Tory policies anyway, or re-announcements and there was a dig at Ashcroft.

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