Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why does the Left forget its past?

Whilst it's not gossip, this post from Guido is well worth a read because he's hit the nail on the proverbial head about the Fabians, and in general the way in which the Left seems to have a rather myopic view of its own history.

Whether it be, as Guido points out, that the socialists of old were big fans of eugenics. Or that the fascism and socialism are two sides of the same statist coin, it is rather odd how history is so often assumed to be black and white in that fascists are right wing and evil, whilst socialists are left wing and pure.

Mussolini after all was a very proud socialist determined to smash the capitalist system, likewise, Hitler regular made reference to the the evil bourgeoisie in his speeches. It's a strange quirk really how evil totalitarians born of the Left have become labelled as being of the Right.

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