Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Blairday

So today's the day for Tony Blair to appear before the Chilcot YABII and boy oh boy are people getting excited about it. Hell, the Daily Telegraph has even gone to the bother of employing PR people to pump press releases to bloggers to promote it's own live streaming with a clickable lie detector test against it (clever init?).

The Twittertwati will be ready to pump 14o character s around the country and world as Blair sits down, fully prepared to scream that he;s a war criminal, lied to Parliament, and engaged in an illegal war whatever he says anyway.

Yes, YABII will reach its true and orgasmic climax today of hot, juicy ejaculatory excretions where everyone who already has a view with have the same view at the end of the day. Nothing will actually be resolved, the nihilist self-loathing anti-war lobby will continue screaming for Blair's head on a plate.

They'll continue to be a red herring debate over what is and what isn't legal, whilst Tony - God bless him - will walk away smiling safe in the certain knowledge that Iraq, just like all his other wars, had the same level of "legality" about them but were driven by his own Gladstonian interventionist certainty.

He'll be restating what's been on the record for years already (with a possible "you know, I wish some people hadn't died of course, but I was essentially right to do what I did), and those that are seriously interested - which is basically the "not in my name" hypocrites who conflate issues in their protests and happily hold up placards saying things like "we're all Hamas now" and get in bed with Islamist loons - will carry on believing what they want to believe anyway.

The best bit though is this. At a time when the economy is on its arse, we'll have ended up spending millions of pounds on an inquiry which will not end debate but rather just give the "OMFG it's an illegal war!" bores yet more to bore us with as they argue over the minute detail of who said what when and how.

God I love this country!

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