Monday, January 04, 2010

Ghost Town 2.0!

Back in August 2007, the Department for Communities and Local Government had a big website redesign which, given it was the "communites" department meant it introduced lots of flashy Web 2.0 features such as forums, blogs and even a wiki.

I was cynical at the time about how worthwhile it would be so I think it;s time to revisit it and see what the state of play is one and half years on. Well, the wiki is now a defunct 404, the forums have managed a colossal 179 threads, and as for the blogs? Well poor old Hazel Blears's is archived and that's it.

So what conclusion can we draw from this? Yes, that's right, the entire redesign with bells and whistles and "engagement" as its key has been a complete waste of money because no one really gives a crap. The site is a ghost town!

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