Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Using the C word

This post is one of those that I wish I didn't have to write, but it doesn't feel right if I don't explain why, in the immediate future, I may not be posting as much as I might normally. As some of you will recall, back at the beginning of November my other half was rushed into hospital and had her appendix removed.

On Thursday just gone, three weeks after discharge, she was called back to the hospital for a routine follow-up, following her stay and surgery. Sadly, it turned out this was not the ordinary routine follow-up appointment we expected it to be, as we were told together that there was in fact a rare type of cancer in her appendix known as Carcinoid and she would require further surgery.

Now, Mrs D is only 31, and this type of cancer is most often found only by accident (when doing something like appendix removal) in people during their 60s and onwards by which time it is often too late, so in way, it's a blessing in disguise that her appendix decided it was time to rupture and cause her to collapse. Of course it does remain the big C word, with all the same connotations, possibilities and general shittiness.

Hopefully this post explains where all the normally regular content, be it political or just some hilarious picture has gone too over the last few days. My mind has been with the love of my life helping her deal with what she's been told and helping us both understand what is to come. Now before anyone asks, with the exception of some tests this week, this won't be happening on the NHS. Work provides BUPA, and if you've got it, use it.



Update 09/12/09: Thanks for the all the supportive comments and emails. We both appreciate them greatly.

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