Thursday, December 10, 2009

March election?

ToryBear has an interesting post noting that Sam Tarry, the National Chair of Young Labour, has sent out an email to Labour activists giving dates they should keep free for campaigning
Hey Comrades!

With a General Election only a few months away it is more important then ever that Young Labour and Labour Students are organised and working together to fight for Labour victories across the country.

As part of our BIG Campaign please keep the following days free:

1. Saturday 19th December 2009
2. Saturday 16th January 2010
3. Saturday 6th February 2010
4. Saturday 6th March 2010
As TB notes, interesting that they only go up to March isn't it? Mike Smithenson over at Political Betting also had a post about March yesterday.

On a non-election related point, Sam Tarry closes his email to "comrades" with the words "Lotta continua".

Isn't it good to know the head of the youth wing of the Labour party is happy to make reference to extremist far-Left organisations with dubious criminal histories involving such things as murder?

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