Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Leaked Government IT report gets its own website? Submit Comments

Following on from the last post about a Harvard report in the U.S. that has concluded that computers do not save hospital's money, I have just learned of a new site going live called Make IT Better that's been set up by the Tories and is based on a leaked Government report into the crap that is public sector IT. As the site says,
This website allows you to post your comments and suggestions on this leaked Government report. We want to hear your ideas – and we will be responding to your thoughts in the weeks ahead. Many thanks for taking part.

The full Government report can be viewed here. Should be an interesting experiment and it will be interesting to see what the private IT industry has to say about the report.

Update: Looks like the site has been slashdotted. Whoops!

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Update II: Back up now, and the Tories have produced a video to introduce the open consultation.

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