Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas decorations banned by the elf of 'elf and safety

Here's an extract from a letter sent by social landlord, Bedfordshire Pilgrim Housing Association to its tenants in a block of flats.
"On a recent inspection of this block it has been noted that a number of items have been left in the communal areas. This includes Christmas decorations and pictures on the walls plus micellaneous (sic) items. I am writing the same letter to all tenant sin (sic) the block....

Recent guidance issued by the fire brigade states that "All communal parts must be kept clear at all times".... If these items are not removed within that time it states that 'the association may arrange for their removal and disposal with no fruther (sic) notice'.
Note: The Elf pictured is for illustrative purposes. The real one in the story probably didn't look so pretty.

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