Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swindon - leaky nets?

The big techie news story of today seems to be that Swindon is saying it is going to offer free wifi to the entire town. Besides this being great news for hackers and those that wish to piggyback others' services to carry out things they'd rather not to on an easily traceable line, Swindon appear proud that it will be the "first town" to have done this.

When I heard the news on Radio 4 all I could think was "another entry in the annals of Swindon's history, another of which far more important to remember is that their third division football team once made it into the top flight and then achieved a still standing record of conceding 100 goals in season".

I thought this particularly ironic as any wifi net is bound to be leaky which would be in keeping with their football record. Anyhow, if you're in Swindon and its live its time to learn about IP-over-DNS.

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