Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Harriet Harman's embarassing neighbours?

Poor old Harriet "you know where you can get me" Harman. Not only is she facing prosecution for allegedly driving without due care and attention and driving while using a mobile phone, she's also got a rather embarrassing neighbour it seems.

As some may recall, Harman decided in recent months that she was going after hookers and prostitutes. During her Labour conference speech she also singled out the website "Punternet" (based in America) which users of prostitutes write reviews on. This resulted in the site responding to her and telling her to sod off.

However, rather than concentrating on a website in America, perhaps Harriet should look out of her own front door once in a while. The road she lives on in Herne Hill - as reported in the press and blogs when "Fathers 4 Justice" held a protest on the roof - is, shall we say, quite close to somewhere that has good reviews on that American based website.

Fiesta Massages is a glorious 407 foot walk from her front door.

I wonder if Harriet will be knocking on the door anytime soon to sort them out? For added irony, Harriet apparently drives a fiesta although it is unknown if she chose that car to go with her neighbour's business name.

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