Monday, November 16, 2009

Another day another pointless apology

I know that I've said this before, but what is this stupid bloody obsession with issuing official apologies for things you were not responsible for? Yet again it's Kevin Rudd, the Australian Prime Minister kicking things off with an apology for the Child Migration Programme from Britian, and Gordon Brown is reported to be following it later with his own apology.

Now, don't misunderstand me here, do I think the Child Migration Programme was not a moral travesty? Of course I don't. Should however a Prime Minister apology for it when they themselves had bugger all to do it with it, and, in fact, say they are apologising on behalf of the nation? No they shouldn't. As I said before,
I mean, seriouisly, get a grip. Harry Enfield one quite famously had a sketch character that was a German tourist that would constantly apologise for the war. We, at least I, was always laughing at the characters inherent feeling that he had to apologise for something he wasn't involved in. Do I expect the Japanese to apologise today for their conduct in the war? Of course not. Do I expect Putin to apologise to the Russian electorate for Stalin? Should we demand apologies from the Vatican for the Romans, I mean what did the Romans ever do for us? How about we get Sarkozy to say sorry about William the Bastard whilst we at it? We didn't need the Mott and Bailey thank you very much.
Please Dear God, stop the insanity of our lords and Masters by striking them down with herpes or genetal warts or something equally itchy.

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