Monday, October 19, 2009

Not the best lure for a job

Cuts are something that everyone knows have to come, and one of the areas that Gordon Brown announced would end up on the cutting room floor was childcare vouchers. These are the vouchers you can get before tax on your salary to pay for childcare with registered childminders.

Interestingly, many of the roles in the Civil Service and public sector actually make a point of highlighting childcare vouchers as a benefit they offer. No doubt there are going to be some annoyed public sector types (nothing new there) when Brown does finally scrap them.

One of the areas of the public service that offers these vouchers as a lovely benefit of the job is the Prison Service, although something tells me that highlighting them in this job may not be much of a lure given that a required qualification for the role is to be
an ordained priest of the Roman Catholic Church.
Saying this, it may now be an [in]appropriate time to make a twisted off the cuff remark about priests and children, but I won't as that would be a step too far right?

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